Visitor Visa Standard

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Visitor Visa (Standard)

Persons wishing to visit the UK for a short visit may apply for a Visitor Visa also referred to as a Visit (standard) visa. A number of different activities may be carried out using a Visitor visa including Tourism, Visiting family and friends, vacations/holidays, Permitted business activities, Permitted Legal activities and Preaching. In addition to this Entertainers may apply for a Visitor visa to enter the UK as Performing Artists, Musicians, Actors. Film Crew may also apply to enter the UK using this visa. Further activities permitted by UK Visas and Immigration may include visiting the UK for the purpose of Medical Treatment and Transit Visas.

Visitor visas are generally granted for six months but the purpose for which the visa is applied for may mean that the duration of the visa may be longer or even shorter than six months. In certain circumstances it may be possible to extend them.

Visitor visas are routinely refused by UKVI because people applying for this visa are either unaware of the requirements or the documents that should be submitted. Considering the increasing costs of applying for visas, we advise that anyone applying for this visa obtains legal advice from a regulated  Immigration Adviser.

Our dedicated Team of Immigration advisers are well trained and able to give good quality advice and representation in relation to visitor visas. They have also been able to get good results for people who have previously been refused visitor visas by the Home Office.