Tier 4

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Tier 4

Tier 4 visas are essentially student visas which are issued to enable international students to obtain permission to study in the UK at different levels.

Tier 4 Visas and extension applications are divided into two categories, which include Tier 4 General Visas and Tier 4 Child Visas. Tier 4 General Visas are for persons who are aged 18 and above while Tier 4 Child Visas are for children generally under the age of 18.

Tier 4 visas are for students at different levels of study, including persons studying at Independent Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Depending on the level of study, students may be able to undertake some work while they study, particularly during the holidays.

Tier 4 Migrants undertaking study at UK universities may bring in their partners and children, if they are on a Masters course or above providing they meet the Financial Requirements and other requirements set out by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI).

It may be possible to extend a Tier 4 Visas by applying for extension applications in certain cases, although there are limits on how long Tier 4 leave may be extended.

We can also advise on switching from another Immigration category into that of a Tier 4 Migrant and Parent of Tier 4 Child Student.

Short-term study visa are for persons who only intent to study in the UK for a short term study, such as an English language course, a training course. In addition, a person can also undertake a short course or research as part of an overseas degree programme.

Whatever level of study you or your dependants wish to undertake our Immigration advisers are able to help.