Tier 2 Sports Person

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Tier 2 Sports Person

The Tier 2 Sports person category is for persons engaged in sports and a lot of well-known footballers, Cricketers and Rugby stars as well as other sports person apply for this visa or leave

This Immigration category requires an applicant to be offered employment as a Sportsperson. The prospective employer must have a Sponsorship Licence and be prepared to issue a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS).

An endorsement will also need to be obtain from the sports body to which the sportsperson belongs.

There are a number of requirements that a Sportsperson must satisfy including obtaining an Endorsement, the English Language Requirement and the Maintenance Requirement amongst others.  Our Team of experienced Immigration Consultants and Experts will ensure that your application is hassle free and dealt with expeditiously so that you can focus on other matters.

Our Immigration lawyers are also able to assist with applications for family members of Sportspersons.