Tier 2 General Migrants

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Tier 2 General Migrants

The Tier 2 General Migrant Immigration category is an Immigration route for persons who wish to work in the UK. This Immigration category can be used by immigrants who are outside the UK or migrants who are already legally in the UK.

Migrants relying on this route will be seeking employment with a company, partnership, charity or organisation which already has a Sponsorship Licence or will have one place by the time they are being employed.

Those being employed must satisfy certain requirements which may include having their positions advertised by their employers for at least 28 days. The Home Office refers to the advertising of vacant positions being offered persons settled in the UK or EEA nationals as the Resident Market Labour Test. Applicants must also be paid the minimum salary which is set by the Home Office among other requirements.

This Immigration Category permits applicants to bring in their partners and their children under 18.

We also assist persons who already have Tier 2 General Migrant Immigration Status but intend to make a Change of Employment application. For example, Migrants opting to change employer but remain within the Tier 2 Category.