Human Rights Applications & Related Applications

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Human Rights Applications & Related Applications

Human Right Applications and related applications cover a wide spectrum of matters which are dealt with by the Home Office.

Applications for persons who have been in the UK unlawfully for less than 20 years or families with a child who is a British citizen or have been resident in the UK for at least 7 years or more are entitled to make applications to regularise their leave along with their certain other family members.

We can also assist persons who are aged 18 or above but under 25 and have spent at least half of their life in the UK submit applications to regularise their leave.

There are also a number of other matters which do not fall directly under the Immigration Rules for which an Immigration application may be submitted to UK Visas and Immigration.

Our team of Immigration Lawyers will ensure that your application is prepared and presented as professionally as possible to increase your prospect of success.