Sole Representative


Your must either:

  • be an overseas media employee employed by an overseas newspaper, news agency or broadcasting organisation and posted by their employer on a long-term assignment in the UK

  • OR
  • be the sole representative in the UK of an overseas employer who intends to establish and operate a registered branch or wholly owned subsidiary in the UK
  • You must also:

  • have been recruited and employed outside the UK
  • intend to work full-time, and only as, a representative of that overseas business. The employer must have its headquarters and
    principal place of business outside the UK and, where the applicant is seeking entry as a sole representative, the company must
    have no other branch, subsidiary or representative in the UK.

An overseas media company can have more than one representative in the UK at the same time.

All applicants must meet the basic standard in English language.

Once successful you will be granted an initial 3 years visa and to be able to extend your visa a further 2 years and after completion of 5 years you will be eligible to apply for Permanent Residence.